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How to search Google: 17 Infallible Search Tricks

Google Search Tips and Tricks

The first tip is to use tabs in Google search. At the top of each search is a series of tabs. Usually, you will see everything, news, images, videos, maps and “more”, where more options are displayed as Shopping, Books, flights and Google finance. Using these tabs, you can help define what kind of search you need to do.

It’s a very basic Google search trick and most people already use the tabs. If you haven’t used it, I recommend you start here; you can drastically reduce search times if you use it correctly.

How to search Google for exact words: use quotation marks ” “

Quotes are used to find exactly those words and in that order: exact match of the entered terms.

Thus, by placing any string of words or even longer phrases or text, we can detect duplicate content. 😲

Quotation marks are valid for both words and phrases.

How to exclude words from the search with the “-” sign

You may not want a certain word to appear when you perform a search: just enter the minus sign after the search, and then, without spaces, the word you DO NOT want to appear.

The character Not or – means exclusion, that is to say, it is useful to avoid that a certain word appears in the search.

Think, for example, of Harry Potter. There are as many books as there are movies or the character.

So, if you’re not interested in the movie, but you’re interested in the book, you should do the search this way: Harry Potter -Film: Try it out: the results have nothing to do with it!

search with quotation

Include words in your search with the + sign

You can also find results that include a certain word if you add in this case the plus sign “+”.

How to search Google between number ranges

Do you need to search Google between 2 dates? Or do you need to buy within a price range?

The two suspension points or “..” allow us to search a numerical range such as a specific period of time or prices.

Thus, if we place .. between several years we can select the search of movies during that time interval.

For example, to search for manga movies between the years 2005 and 2010 we would put the following: manga movies 2005 .. 2010. Similarly to find an ice cream between $5 and $10 we will put: ice cream $5 .. $10.

search between number ranges

How to search for several options

When you do a Google search, it usually presents all the words you have included, however if you use “OR” or the vertical bar | it shows you results that contain some of the options.

This command offers us multiple options and the good thing is that we can combine it not only with words but also with phrases and in the same search.

For example, imagine you are looking for marketing strategies, but you are trying to decide between social media and content marketing. So you can search for information about one or both by placing: social media or content marketing.

Find similar words with “~”

You can search for similar words or synonyms using “~” Google will return results for both the word entered and synonyms or similar words. Interesting, isn’t it?

Use the wildcard or asterisk “*” to search Google

Also in Google you can use the wildcard to search for variations to your search: it will search for that phrase you typed in knowing that asterisks can be any word.

How to search Google by price: € $

To search Google by price, use the euro or dollar symbol.

Place one of them in front of a product and the amount. It’s ideal for searching for a product that has a certain price.

If you are looking to renew your mobile, but do not want to spend more than 200 Euros you must type the following mobile phone 200 €. If you want to select a price range, you can combine it with the colon. For example, typing mobile phone 150€…215€.

You can improve this as much as you want, for example, replace mobile phone with your favorite brand. So you can select Samsung, Apple or Xiaomi and get the phones in that price range.

Social network search @

Another interesting command that surely many people use is the arroba that allows us to select the search in the different social networks but from the search engine.

To do this it uses @ or at or arroba that allows us to select the information that comes out on Twitter as well as Facebook and Linkedin.

For example, if you are looking for twitter information just put @twitter and you will find just what you need.

However, this search is quite extensive so we recommend you narrow it down more. Imagine that you are looking for a relevant topic in social networks; you can do the search using hashtag # in combination with the arroba.

How to search on Google within a website: “site:”

When you want to search inside a website, even if it doesn’t have an internal search engine, you can use site: at the beginning of your search and then the term you want.

If you just type the website without anything then you will know how many pages Google has indexed, but you can also add any word or phrase and it will show you the specific results of those terms within the website you have entered.

Watch out! You can also search for something by excluding a website with “-site:” for what? Because you can use it for example so that no articles appear from your own site.

Search only in the title of the pages: “intitle:”

If you use “intitle:” Google will only show you the results for those words that are in the title of the article.

intitle google search

How to search Google for terms based on where they appear on a website: inurl, intext, inanchor, …

In the previous case we have seen how to search for a term that appears in the title of a web page. However, there are more tricks to look for depending on its appearance in other sites:

inurl:” returns the results of a certain word in the URL of a website

inanchor:” returns the results of a certain word that appears as an anchor text for a link.

How to search your competitors on Google

Yes, you can also search Google for your competitors based on your website if you use “related:” Google will show you similar websites based on your content.

competitors search

How to search for an image on Google

This section well deserves an article for the solo but as a trick here we’ll show you how to search for an image on Google:

You can be looking for an image related to a term: then you should use the “images” tab on the main results page for that term.

But you can also use Google’s image search engine, maybe what you want to search in Google is the origin of a particular image or photograph. A small icon of a camera will appear and when you click it will be displayed:

Paste image URL: here you must paste the URL of the image from which you want to get the information

Upload an image: If the image you want has no URL or you don’t know it, you can upload it directly in this option.


We’ve shown you just a few little tricks for you to take advantage of the search engine and learn how to search on Google, but there are certainly many more.

Read More tips directly from Google Blog

Surely at least with these tips, from now on you will be much more efficient in your searches. 😉

I am a Digital Marketing specialist with more than 8 years of experience in the industry.

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