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Twitter And LinkedIn Marketing Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

Twitter And LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Tips to grow your business on Twitter

There are 3 specific Twitter marketing strategies you can use to drive more traffic to your website and convert more visitors into paying customers.

Twitter Search Function

First of all, the best part about Twitter marketing is it gives you the ability to reach out to your audience. So, the first strategy for Twitter marketing is to use its search functions.

So, for example, if you’re a golf pro, you would go to and search the term ‘Golf’. This is going to bring up a list of all the people on Twitter who are discussing golf. (See Fig.1 and Fig.2) They are going to be very relevant to your topic.

Talk To People

Next, after you’ve found people relevant to your topic, go ahead and use strategy number two, which is talking to people. I know it’s simple, but a lot of people miss this one.

So, you hear a lot about how engagement is important to social media marketing; and the reason is, when you reach out and talk with someone, you are literally implanting yourself in their mind. You’re carving out a little slot in their brain that lets them know you’re a real person and you exist.

There are so many people out there that are purely automating their social media presence but what you want to do is present yourself as a real person that really stands out to people.

People will soon start to notice that you’re there to be a part of the community.


And the last strategy is a little bit contradictory, but essential to glue the whole thing together, and that strategy is a little bit of automation.

While there are definitely people that overdo this, we recommend a slight dose of maybe one or two updates a day that has been prescheduled and automated to be sent out over Twitter.

Doing so will allow you to stay present and stay in the forefront of people’s mind without sucking up a ton of time to spending hours on Twitter. It’s really the last piece that puts the whole strategy together. So, go now and use strategies one, two, and three.

Lets Conclude Tips For Twitter Marketing

Search for people relevant to your topic, engage them and reach out, and strike up just a normal conversation. And last, add in some automation to keep your momentum going with your Twitter marketing efforts. If you have not yet created an account with Twitter simply go to and get one started today…..IT’S FREE!


LinkedIn Marketing Secrets

One of the first things people do on LinkedIn when they log in is immediately looking for a solution to their problem; and because LinkedIn is a social network for the business-minded professionals, you can simply go to the search bar and look for someone that needs your help. Let’s say, if you wanted Internet Marketing help to create your online presence and grow your business five to ten times faster, then what type of person would you search for?

You would think that about ninety-nine percent of people are probably going to be looking for an Internet Marketing Coach. So, go to and type “Internet Marketing Coach “and see who comes up. Now imagine if that was you or your business, as the number one person that comes up. What would that do for your business?


Wouldn’t that be nice to not have to chase the prospects and just let the people come to you, because you know exactly how to set up your profile to do so? Statistics show that people hardly even look past the first page of search results and almost ninety percent of the time people pick from the top three searches, I think we’re all starting to see that it is a must to know the secret if you want to get your online presence known on LinkedIn and start getting prospects to chase you and ask you instead of you having to chase and ask them. .

Okay. Let’s first go ahead and do what ninety-nine percent of people are going to do anyway and click the number one search result. Now go ahead and check out the profile, and see what they have done to get this amazing number one ranking out of millions of people on the search results. First, let’s look at the first 3 words of the title and tagline.

Next, let’s look at the industry in which they are targeting. If you want to be ranked number one when people search for you.

You really have to use LinkedIn’s, what they call, algorithm to get ranked at the top of your industry so you can be the go-to person when people are looking for what you have to offer.

Keywords are essential in your title and description as well as the number of recommendations that you have listed.

To check and see what keywords rank best for your industry simply go to

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