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Why You Should Do More Than Just Status Updates On Your Social Media Profiles?

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So previous we talked about misconceptions. Some of the more popular ones are “All social networks are the same, what’s the point of all of them?” and “How is sitting there giving updates about your pets or what you’re doing at your desk all day marketing?” The truth is, even though billions of people use social networks, people in the business world still miss the boat on the point.

They think it is the same thing as their personal feeds of. “I just fed my dog!” From a marketing sense though, each social network is vastly different. Some are great for brand building, some are great for advertising, some are great for SEO, and others are great for content marketing. It really depends. You would be making a big mistake if you treat all social networks the same.

Also, the users of those social networks won’t respond the way you want them to unless you interact with them the way that particular social network dictates.

That being said, let’s take a look at the strengths and unique aspects of the main social networks. Again, I know I am leaving some off here, but these are definitely the heavy hitters in the marketing world and you won’t go wrong paying attention to these.

Facebook This is a great place to spend your advertising dollars by running ads and boosting posts. Facebook has data galore from their users, more than any other social network. What that means to a marketer? Drilling down your perfect customer. Facebook knows your age, gender, if you have a pet, if you’re in a relationship, if you have kids, where you live, what time you typically are on Facebook.


Quick Hit Facts: Approximately 7.2 billion people use Facebook. That is not a small number so your potential reach is very high. Approximately 20 million businesses have business pages. They are there for a reason. Retailers averaged a 109% ROI in Facebook marketing in Q3 of 2013.

Twitter This is where you build your brand and get people talking about you. Twitter is just

maturing in an advertising sense and there isn’t a lot of historical data to get a big enough sample size to verify how potent advertising is on Twitter.

That being said, it is definitely where you get noticed and mentioned.


Conversations are taking place on Twitter. It’s where trending takes place and where hashtags became popular (again… anyone remember IRC?). Still, Twitter is maturing as an advertising platform and they have solid leadership. That leads me to believe they will develop something special in the ad space. Don’t neglect Twitter.

Quick Hit Facts: Approximately 645 million people use Twitter. 4.5 million Businesses have Twitter pages.

Google + Google + is growing as a platform. Engagement grows everyday as does the number of followers. At the moment, advertising opportunity isn’t the biggest here, BUT it does have a very valuable attribute… SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Google index’s each Google + post immediately.

That means a lot for your website and brand. What does it mean? Free SEO. The easier it is for people to find you online, the more leads go into your funnel. Also, posts of people you follow show up in your Google Search.

For example, if you’re searching for “Brown Shoes” and someone you follow posted about “Brown Shoes”, then their post will show up “above the fold” in your search query results.

Also, Hangouts. Hangouts are “chats” or “video chats”. This is extremely valuable for brands, especially if you are trying to build engagement with your users.

You can have group video chats with your users, have Reddit style AMA events (ask me anything), the options are limitless. This also goes a long way for putting faces with brands, which any marketer knows, helps a lot.

Quick Hit Facts: Approximately 500 million people use Google +. 59 % of consumers use Google every month to find a reputable, local business. 50 % of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results, and 61 % of those searches result in a purchase. 25% of the worldwide users of the internet are active on Google+.

Pinterest Pinterest is where you want to do a majority of your content marketing and storytelling. This is a great place for building an image for your brand as well.


By creating boards around your niche, you give your company / brand a personality. Are you silly? Are you serious? Are you artsy? Are you classy? What type of images do you want to evoke when talking about your brand? Do you make the little umbrellas people place into alcoholic drinks? Then you might pin a lot of images of beaches and ocean, and tropical living.

Get the idea? Also, if your brand, product, service has a lot of product images, you want to pin them here. Maybe you’re a graphic artist and you want to showcase your work and get people sharing it and “repining” it or liking it. This is the spot for you.

Quick Hit Facts: 70 Million People use the service. (Growing everyday) 500,000 Businesses have business pages. 2.5 Billion Monthly page views. Fastest growing social network. 2.5 times more monthly reach than Facebook.

LinkedIn Are you looking to grow the number of business accounts you have? Are you a B2B marketer? This is the spot for you. Not only is it easy on LinkedIn, but it is welcomed. LinkedIn lets you target the exact person you need to speak to, based on their role in their respective company.


For example, are you looking for a buyer at Target? This allows you to find them. Are you looking for a decision maker at a major chain to send your email to? Here is your opportunity. LinkedIn has personal pages and business pages where companies are represented as a whole.

Another great aspect of LinkedIn is that it takes into account companies are big and have multiple divisions and departments. For example, LinkedIn has Showcase


This allows a company like Google for example, to have different pages for Maps, Gmail, Android, etc. Showcase pages allow different divisions to ensure they are sending their messages to the right people. It doesn’t have to be just divisions either, it can be set up for different business initiatives as well.

Quick Hit Facts: 259 Million People use the service. 3 Million Business accounts and growing. Cheap advertising: Marketers can create an ad on LinkedIn in just minutes with a minimum spend of $10/day.

Instagram Content and image marketing central. Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a mobile environment, where you take pictures and immediately apply filters and then upload them to their service.


This is a great venue to take silly pictures of your office environment or work you have done and showcase them to your followers. Instagram is fantastic to showcase what kind of company or person you are by highlighting what you have to offer.

Working on something over a long time? Take pictures of it and upload them to the service along the way. This paints a picture to your customers / leads what goes into doing what you do and who you are as a brand, company, or person.

Quick Hit Facts: 150 Million Users. 16 Billion Photos Shared. 1.2 Billion Likes daily.

Tumblr Photos and storytelling is the name of the game on Tumblr. The best way to describe this is with an example. To promote the multi-movie franchise: The Amazing Spiderman, Sony Pictures used its Tumblr account to act as the fictional newspaper from the comics: The Daily Bugle.


They posted promotional news stories about storylines from the movies. Brilliant. They posted photos they “captured” of Spiderman and villains as well. If you have fictional characters you want to promote, here is a good place to do it. Also, you can post short stories about your business, service, or self.

Another way of promotion / marketing on Tumblr is by posting pictures. Tumblr is a great place for photo and meme sharing that helps promote your “attitude” and “personality” of your brand.

Quick Hit Facts: Owned by Yahoo. Over 300 Million Monthly Unique website viewers. Approximately 50 Million users.


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