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YouTube Marketing — 12 Tips to Promote Your Business

YouTube marketing tips

Tip #1: ANYONE can do a video

When it comes to videos, a lot of people freak out. There’s no reason for you to freak out. There is a very simple YouTube video out on how to tie a tie and has five million views.

There is a video out on how to get a six pack in three minutes, and this one has seven million views. If you took a look at those videos, these are just guys shooting these videos in their living rooms. They don’t have any sort of special equipment. They certainly are not supermodels, or actors, or anything. But these videos have so many views — you know why? Because the content is great. Let’s have a look;

So, if your content is very good, you can get away with not being extremely good looking, or speaking extremely well, or having the best equipment out there. The video quality can be just average. And if you don’t want to get yourself in front of a camera, here’s another option for you. You can use a software called Camtasia. And basically, it allows you to record the screen as you speak.

So, you can do either a PowerPoint Presentation, or you can show people how to use a website or a tool on your screen, and it’s going to record whatever is on your screen and your voice at the same time. So, if you’re kind of shy and you don’t want to get yourself in front of a camera, there’s still an option for you.


Tip #2: Learn What Works On YouTube

There are basically three kinds of videos that work very well on YouTube. Funny, weird, and useful. So, either you can make people laugh, show them something unique, or show them something useful that they can apply to their work lives or use every day. And we are guessing that most of you will fall under this last category — useful. So, if you can teach people how to do something; then you’re going to get their attention.


Tip #3: Customize Your YouTube Channel

Have you seen Barak Obama’s channel on YouTube? If you’re a designer or if you know anything about design, or even if you have Photoshop. You can do this in five minutes.

And if even if you don’t know how to use Photoshop, you can probably pay someone to do it for you for 5 bucks on Fiverr So, it’s really not that expensive, and it sets your profile apart.


Tip #4: Put the URL of your website in the description of your videos

You should always put it at the beginning, and always remember to put the HTTP:// before the WWW. That’s going to tell you it’s an actual link, and people will be able to click on it.


Tip #5: Put your keywords EVERYWHERE!

There are basically two different ways people can find your videos on YouTube. They can browse all the different categories or they can do a search for a keyword. So, that’s why you want to include keywords in your title, your description, and your tags.


Tip #6 Steal Keywords from Successful Videos.

If you go to any video on YouTube, you’ll notice that they will have some tags.

And you probably notice that when you’re on YouTube, on the right side of the screen, you have some related videos. So, how does YouTube know which videos are related to which ones? Well, one of the things they look at is the tags. So, if you can find popular videos in your market and you can see what tags they’re using and you use the same tags, you can stand a very high chance to have your video on the right side of the screen when people watch the most popular video tags.


Tip #7 Choose the Best Thumbnail Possible

Many people choose which videos they want to watch based on the image most of the time so it’s very important that your image is very attractive. Choose the one that will get the most attention!


Tip #8 Use Video Responses

You probably notice that when you’re watching a video on YouTube, right below the video there are a lot of comments and you can leave a comment yourself. But not only can you leave a comment, but you can also respond with another video. Again, what you want to do here is to search for your keywords.

Find the most popular videos for your niche, and post them as video responses -  whatever is relevant. And you don’t want to spam. I mean you don’t want to just post your video everywhere. But if your video is a good compliment or an addition to the video you are watching, by all means, go ahead and post your video as a response.

Tip #9 Create Playlists

Now, this is how the whole process works. You add your video to a new playlist and then you add other related videos to it. Be sure to choose a smart name for your playlist. Think about keywords. If you’re going to do a playlist with a lot of gardening tips, don’t call that playlist the best playlist ever, or my playlist, or really cool playlist. Call it gardening tips because that’s what people are going to be searching for.


Tip #10 Offer Valuable Content; NOT A SALES PITCH

Your videos should be one hundred percent content. Your videos are not where you want to sell your products. Instead, when you present your videos, you want to use what is called a “call to action.” You can go to ‘my account’. And then ‘My videos’. You can click on any video you want to edit, and you’ll see a little link there that says: “Annotations.” You can put any annotation you want in your videos. A good example would be to say: “If you like the video, don’t forget to subscribe.”



This takes no commitment at all. All people have to do is just click on like. When people like a video, they just like that video alone. But when people subscribe, they subscribe to all your videos.

They subscribe to your channel. Because subscribing takes a little bit more commitment, it’s a good rule of thumb to ask this second. And the third thing you can ask them to is to share the video with their friends. If you give them a good reason to share, a lot of people will. They can share your videos on Twitter, on Facebook, by email, on Stumble Upon, and MySpace. There are a lot of different options. You can also ask people to embed your videos in their sites.

You can ask people to follow you on Twitter, to find you on Facebook, and to visit your blog for more content. Some people like inviting people to their blog as opposed to their website because when you invite someone to your site, they expect you to try to sell them something. And that’s something you may want to avoid in the beginning.

When someone invites you to their blog, usually they have really good content there because people associate blogs with content and websites with selling. So, invite people to your blog. You can say: “Did you like this video? Visit my blog for more tips on blah blah blah.” And that’ll be a really good call to action.


Tip #12 Use Tube Mogul for Mass Video Marketing Tube Mogul allows you to basically do two different things. The first one is to upload your videos to multiple video sharing sites at once, like YouTube, Yahoo Videos, Google Videos, MetaCafe, Daily Motion, Crackle, and a lot of these. So, you don’t have to upload your video to all these places one at a time. I mean you can just do it all at once from Tube Mogul.

The other really cool thing about Tube Mogul is it provides you with very good insights as far as how many people are watching your videos and what’s going on with them. So, it’s a really cool tool, and they have two different types of accounts.

They have the free accounts that have some limitations and they have the paid accounts that are like the premium accounts with all the different features. So, get crazy. Don’t try to play it safe. Get out of your comfort zone and GET THOSE VIDEOS UP AND OUT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!


I am a Digital Marketing specialist with more than 8 years of experience in the industry.

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